(Not-so) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Four Finger Culture?

FFC is a blog site, a project and a desperate attempt in generating civil discussions about religion, morality and culture.

Why is it called Four Finger Culture?

If you take away your pointer finger, you only have four fingers.  This is what FFC is trying to do – take away your pointer finger.  Well, not literally.  You need it for important tasks like picking your nose and pushing elevator buttons.  Figuratively speaking, using your pointer finger is never associated with nice things your momma taught you.  And in a world where it’s really easy to say something acerbic on the internet, many online chats about sensitive topics can get downright nasty.  FFC is a place to express your opinions, thoughts and ideas without the fear of getting a verbal beat down.

How on earth do you plan on getting everyone to play nice?

Easy.  All posts and submissions will be heavily filtered.  All content will be proofed (within 24 hours) before it gets posted. Submissions that don’t play nice with others won’t get posted.

Dude, isn’t proofing and blocking people’s opinions an abuse of power ?

FFC doesn’t want to block opinions.  We’re encouraging all sorts of opinions, but will simply not tolerate the cutting down of those opinions.  All it takes is one person with a bad attitude to derail a topic or an entire blog site.  Plus, FFC is more concerned with the reader and not the writer.  For every 1 writer, there might be 10 readers who stumble on to the site and never post their opinion.  If the writers keep things civil, the readers might learn something, get inspired and contribute.  Why would those readers stick around if all they saw were a bunch of people being nasty?

Do I have to register to be able to comment?

No, but we’d love for you to stick around and take a little ownership in the site by registering.

What are your guidelines for appropriate dialogue?

Disagreeing is going to happen.  Heck, we hope it happens!  But there is always a way to disagree and state your opinion and still keep it friendly.  Here are some general guidelines.

1. Don’t use God to justify your poopy attitude – “People who do that are simply not friends of God.”

2. Don’t use “pointy finger” statements like, “You’re wrong!”  “That statement is misguided,” and “Are you serious?!”            

3. Avoid passive aggression – “I just don’t understand how you don’t see my point.”

4. Don’t put words in people’s mouths – “So when you say you’re pro-choice, you’re saying you’re fine with the slaughtering of babies?”                                                                                                         

5. Try to show that you’re trying to understand people you disagree with – “I understand what you’re saying.  What do you think about this?”                                                                                                                                                                                                     

6. Even if you feel your opinion is the solid truth, try using statements like “I think,” and “I feel”.

7. Keep the language PG rated.  Even if you’re okay with profanity, it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

I’d like to contribute an article.  Would I be able to do that?

Of course!  If it’s thought provoking and relevant, we’d love to have it.  We’re looking for opinions and topics from all different walks of life, as long as it involves religion, morality and/or culture.  If you’d like to contribute, send your idea or article to fourfingerculture@gmail.com

If I become a consistent writer on FFC, would I get paid for my articles?

Probably not.  However, we’re not beyond taking people out to McDonald’s as an incentive to contribute something.

Did you seriously use helectiva as the font in your title?

Yes.  Get over it.

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