“You can’t learn in school when you set the building on fire.”  – Me.

The idea for this blog came after I had a great conversation with a pro-choice friend.  I am pro-life and always tended to demonize the other side.  I didn’t really understand the logic of where they stood on the issue.  The conversation with my pro-choice friend was civil and honest, and we were both able to see each other’s sides.  And although we still disagree with each other, we stopped demonizing each other.  I no longer was the authoritative moralist that didn’t believe in choice and he was no longer the heartless baby killer.  We then began to think about innovative ideas where both sides could agree.  This innovation could only happen when we began to understand each other.

After this enlightening conversation with my friend, I thought I would try to invoke the same type of discussion with acquaintances on the internet.  The result was disastrous.  All it took was one person stepping outside the lines of civility and the rest were soon to follow.  No one learned anything from that discussion.  The only thing it did was make people tense, defensive and divisive.

Your world, your city, your next door neighbor is chalk full of ideas and thoughts that may not exactly reflect your own.  The beauty in conflicting ideas is not in the defense or the superiority of one particular view.  The beauty is in the education of opposing views.  The fear that learning may confuse or weaken your viewpoints is a thing of the past.  School is in session.  Let’s put away our lighters.  This is what Four Finger Culture is all about.

Joshua Burkett, the creator of Four Finger Culture, is an average guy with a desire to learn and educate, to inspire and be inspired, to laugh and entertain, and to respect everyone around himself, because they have so much worth in every aspect of their lives.

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  1. Mandy Morlen-Robinson said:


    I have been checking out the website and really like it. It seems that you have taken a jouney much like my own, being raised in churches that teach condimnation and want to convict you for every thought contrary to their own; and coming out on the other side and realizing that God is Love and Grace. I love the concept Four Finger Culture without using the pointer finger. If we just show Gods love, we don’t need to shake the pointer finger of condimnation. What do they say anyway, When you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you. Keep on keeping on, I will be reading.


    • joshuasphilosophy said:


      Thank you so much for your inspiring words! I really do appreciate them. The whole ethos of having a culture without the pointer finger is kinda my life mission now so I figured I’d turn it into a website. I have a ton of content floating around in my head so I’m very happy to have a few continuous readers.

      (Oh, and if you or anyone you know likes to write, I’d be happy to take on some contributors!) 🙂

      • Mandy Morlen-Robinson said:

        You have actually inspired me to begin writing again and have some things started on relationships and marriage. When I get a few entries done, I will send to you and see what you think.

      • joshuasphilosophy said:

        Fantastic! Oh man I’d love some articles on those topics!

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