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Oh great…ANOTHER blog site…

Blogging is a strange thing.  This whole phenomenon of taking your thoughts, putting them into text, and wrapping them up in a pretty package for the world to see is not so strange.  But doing so without being researched, well-thought out, grammatically accurate (all things I’m guilty of); and without getting paid is strange.  Spending hours blogging as if your opinion deeply matters and having only a few people read your stuff…strange.    Even the name sounds funny…blog.  Go ahead, say it out loud.  It’s funny. 

You actually said it out loud, didn’t you?

To date, there’s over 50 million blogs out there (according to Google).  Obviously, people like blogging.  But a lot of people also hate blogging with the fire of a thousand suns.  I get that.  With 50 million blogs, there’s a lot of good fodder available to make fun of the entire culture.  I understand the thoughts of those who go to school to learn how to write professionally and just can’t stand that Joe-Schmoe down the street feels sooooo important with his blog. 

But blogging does have its uses.  Blogging address that fundamental need we all have of wanting to be heard.  That’s why there’s over 50 million of them.  But people address this in different ways.  Some people have a burning need to communicate, so they spend time making a pretty blog only to realize that they have no idea how to convey their thoughts into words.  Others will spend a few weeks or months writing what’s on their chest and abandon their blog after they feel better.  And I’m cool with both types of people.

But there are the few strange ones out there, like myself, that are a bit blog crazy.  We write AND read other people’s blogs.  I absolutely love reading other people’s blogs because there is some crazy good stuff out there.  And I’ve never met a blogger that didn’t reply to me when I had a question to ask.  Good blogs are like reading amazing books for free and having direct access to the author.   

I write on my blog not because I have some amazing unique opinion that the world must hear, although I feel I’m allowed to take some pride in what I write.  I mostly blog because I consider myself to be a writer.  And writers need to write.  It’s that simple.  I can’t go a single day without seeing something that I want to capture into words.

So I’m making another blog site. 

I created this site, fourfingerculture, with a specific goal in mind.  This site was meant to be a project to encourage people from all walks and perspectives of life to share and converse without judgment or ridicule.  This site has done its job to a point.  There’s been some variety and some good discussions, but it’s mostly been a place where I can throw down my philosophical musings.  And I want to get away from that. 

While I will still write some philosophical/theological stuff for fourfingerculture, I don’t want it to be the majority of its content.  I want to get perspectives from Protestants, Catholics, lesbians, Mexicans, Mexicants, atheists, midget priests, people who like Jersey Shore (do they exist?), and people who just have a burning desire to write (so long as its respectful and relatively enjoyable).  I believe that respect comes from understanding, and I want to understand people who don’t think the same way I do. 

I’ve also realized that I have a lot of thoughts lately that I really want to flesh out, but don’t want to polish up and advertise.  Diary thoughts.  Thoughts that aren’t written in an attempt to change your mind; or thoughts that I may not hold a week from now.  Just thoughts.  We all have them, and they don’t necessarily have to be correct or good in their infancy.

This new site will be almost like a diary of mostly theological musings and poetry (and anything else I dang well feel like putting on there).  But why not just keep a diary?  It’s all about motivation.  Writing words in a book or on Microsoft word, knowing they’ll never been seen, is rather dull to me.  Posting your thoughts, raw and naked for the world to see (even though only a few will see them)…I don’t know…I enjoy the concept of it.

I’m advertising it, just this once, because I know that I have…like 3 people out there that actually do enjoy my stuff.  So if you’re a fan, please check it out.  If you’re not interested, that’s totally cool. 

The site is

Since the link is a little wordy, I’ll also put a permanent link over on the right hand side. 


Oh, and seriously, I’m looking for people to contribute to fourfingerculture.  If you’re interested, read the FAQ and send me the idea for an article. 




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