This morning I went to class and sat through and entire powerpoint lecture that was displayed on a 6 ft.wide screen.  After class, I worked 12

Daaaaaa me like watching shiny screen!

continuous hours, looking at computer screens.

I came home, longing to nurse my fried brain and bulging eyes.  And the first thing I do is turn on the computer.

And look at yet another screen.

What the crap is wrong with this scenario?

And here’s the worst part: I have no intention of turning it off.  After an incredibly long day, all I want to do is be entertained.  But I’m too dang stupid to actually think of something that doesn’t require staring at brightly lit pixels.

So dance for me, little monkey.  Entertain me you stupid, dumb, dumb, dumb screen. (See?  Even my vocabulary is getting…badder.)   Unleash my inner neanderthal and make him drool, giggle and beat his chest at the shallow and ultimately meaningless entertain that you’ll provide.


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