Here’s my first attempt at vlogging!  I’d like to know your opinions – watch the video and give me a comment.

Comments on: "Conversation Sparker #1 – Is Lying Always Wrong?" (6)

  1. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. But of course, I’m your mom and anything you do is great with me. Also seeing your face and hearing your voice is always great. But….this one was beautiful. As for the lying, I must confess I don’t really know. I think if you purposefully mislead it is wrong. Maybe avoiding the truth is better than the lie. Can’t wait to see some comments.

  2. Carol (Susie) Sullivan said:

    Josh…When you were about 8 months old I took a picture of you and my son Scott in a playpen at Aunt Betty’s house. I could not have imagined then that you would not only be funny, but very interesting and entertaining to listen too. I love your reasoning about the Mosque. Matter of fact, I agree with you about the violence that is going to happen. I plan to read all of your blogs and hope that you will send me an email to let me know when you post the next one. I also request that you keep on your mother about her paintings. She’s great and should not stop. Keep doing what your doing…Love you much, Susie

  3. Bad argument. What if your wife wants you to tell the truth?

    • joshuasphilosophy said:


      Thanks for the question. I wasn’t necessarily arguing any particular point of view. Basically I was posing the sceanario and allowing for people to talk about, hence the title “Conversation Sparker”. The whole theory of truth and deception can get super deep and nerdy and I thought this sceanario was a fun way for people to get a little brain cardio without having to reach for the Asprin.

      I do however have a stance regarding your question. If my wife wants me to tell the truth, then I tell her the truth! I consider one of the deep joys of marriage is that I’m going to spend the rest of my life figuring out how my wife thinks. I think this is the mark of a good husband. There is so much to be said in non-verbal communication and I would argue that I know unequivocally when my wife wants me to “lie to her”. The funny thing is though, it rarely comes up in our marriage. For instance, if my wife thinks she is fat and then asks me if I agree, I could pass a lie detector test with my answer (my answer is “definately not!” by the way). But I know for an absolute fact that if I did happen to think she was fat, and she asked me this question in the same mannerism that she typically does, my answer better be “definately not!” regardless. This isn’t a issue with deception and telling the truth, this is an issue with me being able to listen and understand my wife enough to know what she’s really asking me. She’s really not asking me objectively if I think she’s fat, she asking me if I care enough to give her some verbal affirmation.

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