One of my relentless missions in life is to find Jesus in modern culture.  I’m not talking about Christian pop culture like Christian music, books, media, etc.  These things are all well and good but will, unfortunately, never impact many people who simply don’t like this particular culture’s style.

I, too, have become increasingly dissatisfied with much of the modern Christian music and media out there.  Again, not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just rarely ever invokes any of my emotional triggers.  I wish it did.  I sometimes wish I could turn on and enjoy the local Christian music station because it would be a lot easier than dealing with the genetic makeup that is me, a picky tortured artist.

So whenever I find something that inspires me in incredible ways, of course I’m going to slap it up on this website.  I encourage you to click the link above, if you’ve not already done so.  And hey, if it’s not your cup of tea or doesn’t give you any tinglies, sorry about that.  Maybe next time.

A big thanks to my buddy Jordan for turning me on to this band.  Jordan is my music pimp.  He is crazier about music than I am and every time he finds a band he knows I’ll like, he tells me about them.  A lot my favorite music is because of him so I believe that everyone in life needs a music pimp.  You just can’t have Jordan.  Go find your own.

What you just heard is a song called “Sigh No More” by the band Mumford And Sons.  I’ve listened to this song about 15 times already today because they pretty much sum up the manifesto of my life in two lines.

“Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free. Be more like the man you were made to be. There is a design, an alignment, a cry of my heart to see, the beauty of love as it was made to be.”

There is a design, an alignment, a cry of my heart to see, the beauty of love as it was made to be.  Holy crap.  Not many people write like this anymore.

As a Christian, I’m convinced that this intended love, this perfect and beautiful thing is Jesus Christ’s love.  There is simply no other religion or philosophy that has ever shared the same radical and intense ethos of love as Jesus.  He set the standard.  And I believe that this sometimes even scandalous love can be the hardest thing for us humans to ascribe to one another. It is truly a weighty mission to fully understand and give this love, especially to people whom we think do not deserve it.

I love this song because, although is has many religious overtones, it connects with a broad group of people.  I’ve read many comments online from non-religious people and atheists defending the message of this song.  One person wrote, “I’m personally not a fan of preaching but if religion can produce music this beautiful among all the other things it has done in the past…”

Even non-Christians still understand the deep need for this perfect love.

What’s ironic is Mumford And Sons is not a Christian band, and I have no evidence that they claim to be Christians, although most of their songs are riddled with Christian themes.  And a few F-bombs here and there as well.  They once stated in an interview, “We’re not a Christian rock band as such, the album deals with dilemmas every man deals with in life as do we. Faith is just one thing we’ve gone with. It’s one subject that can’t be ignored and we’ve tried to deal with it.”

Faith can’t be ignored.

So although these guys will never make the cover of Christianity today, they are ministering.  It goes to show that all good things can be used for God’s purposes.

Comments on: "Four Finger Inspirations II: Mumford And Sons “Sigh No More”" (11)

  1. I likes the way you think Josh… As your music pimp I feel honored to be in your blog! Miss ya buddy.

  2. So odd.. I just came back from a church service where they alluded to mumford and sons and thought the same thing! You should check it out, it should be online in a couple days

  3. I’m jumping on a bit late to your comments stream, but I love what you’ve written here, and I agree with you 100% on how essential and exciting it is to look for the Christian message in pop culture. Found your post here while searching for the lyrics to some of their music, which I have just discovered myself. Their songs, “The Cave” and “Winter Winds” are also relevant to this discussion, I think.

    I don’t know what tradition, if any, you identify yourself with, but you may enjoy this youtube channel:

    It belongs to a Catholic Priest who comments on many mainstream movies, music and books from a Christian perspective. Hope you like it!

    • joshuasphilosophy said:

      Oscar, no problem friend! Many of my blogs have prolonged comments and I always get them. Thank you for your words. I’ll definitely check out the youtube link.


  4. Hi Josh,

    I sang an ever-so-slightly adapted version of ‘Timshel’ at a mate’s ordination last year. It was a great gift to me (and I hope to him). If you haven’t already supped at the teat of Sufjan Stevens, I can heartily recommend him for similar reasons. ‘Vito’s Ordination Song’ from ‘Michigan’ is a good place to start although there are many many options within his catalog.

    I’d be interested if you have other listening suggestions.


    • joshuasphilosophy said:


      Oh I love me some Sufjan! Ironically, my wife a couple weeks ago asked me, “Do you know of an artists named Sufjan…”
      Me: “Sufjan Stevens?!”
      Wife: “How do you know him?!”
      Me: “How do you NOT know him?”

  5. Great appraisal of Mumford. Love the spiritual undertones in their music.

  6. The verse of the song you quoted are actually words written by Shakespeare from a play…just an fyi.

  7. I definitely love the Christian undertones that seem to be in their music. I also think that using the f-bomb is different in different cultures so that may have something to do with them using it. Additionally, when I heard their version of Come Thou Fount, it definitely influenced my opinion on whether or not they were including faith in their songs intentionally.

  8. I too love listening to Mumford and Sons! If you are still dissatisfied with modern Christian media, I recommend Catholic Answers Live. The podcasts are available on ITunes and you can also listen live everyweekday 5-7.

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